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Real estate and public spaces

Whether you are a real estate agent, a facilitator, or a construction company. High-quality images stand out from the crowd and increase user engagement.

High-quality images are worth it since they entice customers to get more in contact and site impressions.

If necessary, I can also take 360 'pictures and aerial pictures.

Aerial photography has become more common, but owning and flying a drone does not guarantee a spectacular end results.

Aerial photography makes it possible to get new angles that make the viewer gasp for air.

Images are always processed to make them even more spectacular.

When thinking about aerial photography, it is worth thinking about the time of day and the weather carefully, as you will not get great pictures in a severe storm and gray sky. Therefore, the rise and fall of the sun is often the best time.

Want to stand out even more? I also offer short videos of apartments and business premises that attract even more attention.

I have also served subcontracting companies in the construction industry, as well as companies that provide quality construction solutions. I can provide you with spectacular reference images for marketing and websites.

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