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Weddings usually only happen once in a lifetime. That is why it is worth thinking about whether you want to save high-quality memories, to those that are nice to return even in a rocking chair.

The most important things in my pictures are emotions and real moments. My shooting style, on the other hand, is natural, but still with colors popping out.

Documentary wedding photography can include everything from morning preparations to the late hours of the night.

The photo packages always include the following

- Finished and processed images with a link via the cloud service.

- Pictures are ready in two weeks.

- The customer receives the images with full user and printing rights without a watermark.

- Pre-planning together (duration depends on the duration of the filming)


- Booking fee (30% refunded only for reasons caused by the photographer)

Photo packages do not include following

- Travel compensation outside Vaasa (0.47 € / km)

- Printed products

- Special image processing

You can find the pricing after the pictures

Nousiainen  häät potretit-19
Potretit editoidut-6
Potretit editoidut-10
Nousiainen  häät potretit-69
Nousiainen häät-474
Nousiainen häät-174
Nousiainen  häät potretit-48
Nousiainen  häät potretit-42
Nousiainen  häät potretit-11
Nousiainen häät-424
Mengdi & Vincent-14
Salla ja Aleksi-50
Salla ja Aleksi-162
Salla ja Aleksi-154
Joel ja Anni Häät-150
Kaunismäki häät Potretit ulkona-21
Johannan häät-3
Jaana ja Lauri hää-219
Jaana ja Lauri hää-211
Jaana ja Lauri hää-34
Jaana ja Lauri hää-6
Häät Ylistaro-108
Häät Ylistaro-186
Häät Ylistaro +-1
Häät Ylistaro-79
Häät Ylistaro-93
Häät Ylistaro-40
Häät Ylistaro-1
Häät seinäjoki T+E-176
Häät seinäjoki T+E-120
Häät seinäjoki T+E-108
Häät seinäjoki T+E-89
Häät lappi 2021-4
Häät lappi 2021-54
Häät Lammi P+M-194
Häät Lammi P+M-157
Häät Lammi P+M-182
Häät Lammi P+M-78
Häät Lammi P+M-76
Hella häät-267
Hella häät-256
Hella häät-173
Hella häät-163
Hella häät-146
Hella häät-93
Hella häät-117
Emäsalon saariston häät-277
Emäsalon saariston häät-275
Emäsalon saariston häät-153
Häät Lammi P+M-157

Photo packages

WEDDING PACKAGE 1: Full day documentary shoot

8-hour day including preparations, wedding, portrait session, and wedding party

(contains at least 350 images)


WEDDING PACKAGE 2: Ceremony and celebration

6-hour day including ceremony, portrait session, and wedding reception

(contains at least 200 images)

WEDDING PACKAGE 3: Ceremony and portraits

2-hour description including ceremony and portraits

(contains at least  50 images)

WEDDING PACKAGE 4: Portraits in the milieu

(contains 5 ready-made images, shooting time approx. 45-min)

Additional services

Additional hours 89 € including VAT
A wedding photo book from 150 €
Printed products are also possible from 25 €
Another photographer or videographer, from 750 € per day
Drone photo session  100 €
360-degree video/pictures from  100 €, I'll tell you more when asked.
Video recording can also be negotiated.
Unmanned camera for the wedding ceremony  200 €

Note: Outside of the Summer and Christmas seasons I may have cheaper rates.

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