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Taking high-quality photos of events is crucial, as it may be the most important day of your life or a historic day for a business that is good to be documented or used to promote upcoming events.

I take pictures of opening ceremonies, festivals, gigs, seminars, corporate parties, birthdays and funerals.


As a professional, I focus on people's emotions and expressions to best convey the feeling of the event.

You or your business will benefit more from the opportunity, and images can be used and shared, for example, internally within your organization, among participants, or on social media.


Every event is planned from the start to the end with the customer, which makes each job unique.

So that your needs are taken into consideration and the end result is as astonishing as possible.

Therefore, I recommend that you have your event documented by a professional. This ensures that high-quality memories are stored securely.


Prices from 300 €

(Includes 2 hours of shooting. I guarantee at least 20 images per hour. I share digital images with a link.

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ESN 20-anniversary-93 Photoshop
Vaasa festival ig-8
Vaasa festival ig-4
1004672656 Hippihovi 60v 1
Vaasa campus festival 2018-17
VAMOK rock leipis 2018-53
GG ja tipaton-118
VAMOK vday-11
VAMOK rock leipis 2018-23
The Irish pub opening-15
The Irish pub opening-70
The Irish pub opening-22
The Irish pub opening-11
The Irish pub opening-84
The Irish pub opening-8
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